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Boiler renovation ensures the best available technology while adding new features from the latest technological developments. Such activities improve the boilers’ efficiency to comply with the most recent safety and environmental regulations.

Key features

Increased Operational Safety

operational safety




Low CO2

Environmental impact

Low environmental


Our experts will help you increase your boiler’s efficiency. We developed heat recovery systems to exchange the exhausted gas heat with other fluids in the thermodynamic cycle, such as feedwater or inlet air. This recovery provides notable energy saving, resulting in tangible fuel saving.

We supply combustion system upgrades to reduce emissions significantly, complying with the most stringent compulsory limits. These systems are suitable for different fuels, including process and waste fuels, as well as hydrogen alone or in combination with other fuels.

Safety upgrading is a must. We support you in identifying which technological innovations can be implemented to the safety systems installed on generators that have been in operation for some time.

72H self-monitoring: in addition to installing modern security systems, we provide self-monitoring of the boiler, in the absence of a qualified operator, for up to 72 hours.

Leveraging compatible products’ features will turn your obsolete boiler into a smart machine, connected to any factory system. Our OptiSpark control system can be implemented on virtually every boiler, allowing each variable and operation parameter to be perfectly managed by a single integrated system.

Our approach

Revamping obsolete or inefficient industrial boilers is a process that requires engineering know-how, together with project analysis and assessment. Our experts first measure the status of the existing equipment, comparing the results with the expected initial performance. They then design a customized solution to revamp your boiler to meet the current requirements and limits, together with your production needs and the desired energy savings for your facility.