Cannon Bono Energia is present alongside our customers during the entire life cycle of boilers, offering a wide range of services aimed at ensuring the effectiveness of the investment and the long life of the products.

Advanced Services

OptiSupport is the after sales service that uses dedicated augmented reality remote assistance provided by Cannon Bono Energia Engineers.

OptiCloud is a service based on Connect IT (Hardware) for remote data collection.

• Real-time connection with a Cannon Bono Energia technician
• “Live” connection with augmented reality through an App
• Chat with simultaneous translation
• Pictures and videos acquisition by Cannon Bono Energia Engineers
• Reduced maintenance costs reducing on site visits
• Direct access to PLC for loops remote set-up

• Data collection and safe cloud storage
• Safety access through dedicated account and password
• Process parameters supervision with main KPI
• Preventive maintenance indicator
• Data analyst
• Cloud data analysis with Artificial Intelligence for performance reports and predictive maintenance

Standard Services

Programmed Periodical Maintenance is a service proposed by Cannon Bono Energia. The aim of such periodical scheduled activity
is to maintain optimal running conditions of the boiler.

Internal Inspection Activity
Cannon Bono Energia Team’s skills ensures service activities of internal inspections of combustion
chamber/burner and identification of all necessary corrective actions.

Original Spare Parts
Cannon Bono Energia guarantees the quality of its Original Spare Parts allowing fast replacement to maintain optimal performance during boiler’s lifecycle.

Start Up & Training
Cannon Bono Energy can carry out with our engineers all the activity on site for commissioning, start up & training or, in case of force of majeure we can support this activity thanks to remote assistance tools.

Cannon Bono Energia through the Standard Services allows optimal running conditions of the boiler in order to ensure a prolonged and efficient activity during its entire lifecycle.

Support Services

Cannon Bono Energia can study and propose revamping activities on existing boilers to improve working conditions, efficiency, performances, in order to upgrade safety features. Read more about revamping activities.

Cannon Bono Energia can provide a rental solution thanks to a dedicated fleet of boilers. With this service the customer is supported in case of unexpected boiler shutdown.

Global Energetic Advising
Cannon Bono Energia has developed new SW interconnection systems with customer processes according to Industry 4.0 and other
advanced control systems in order to maximize the energy efficiency of global system.

Support services offer the opportunity to take advantage of Cannon Bono Energia’s Know – How to optimize global energy efficiency system.