Revamping a plant or a machine requires specific analysis skills and expertise: Cannon Bono Energia has developed them in decades of designing and manufacturing industrial boilers. Revamping activities improve boilers efficiency, make them safer and in compliance with the most recent safety and environmental regulations. Indeed, it is not always necessary to replace a boiler, sometimes a tailor-made revamping allows to obtain economic advantages in compliance with the law.

  • Improving boiler efficiency in order to obtain economic benefits on fuel and electricity consumption: Cannon Bono Energia has developed some heat recovery systems to exchange the exhausted gas heat with other fluids involved in the thermodynamic cycle, as feed water or inlet air. This recovery allows an important energy saving, resulting in a tangible fuel saving.
  • Upgrading the combustion system: Cannon Bono Energia has developed a series of combustion systems that are very performing towards emissions, complying with compulsory limits.
  • Safety upgrading: Cannon Bono Energia informs users of the technological innovations that can be made to the safety systems installed on generators that have already been in operation for some time
  • Boiler automation: Cannon Bono Energia installs on its steam generators a proprietary internally developed automatic control system: Optispark, . In this way, each variable and operation parameter of the boiler is perfectly managed by a single integrated system.
  • 72H self monitoring: Cannon Bono Energia in addition to the installation of some modern security systems, allows you to benefit from self monitoring of the boiler, in absence of the qualified Operator, for up to 72 hours
  • Implementation of remote control and interconnectivity systems required by Industry 4.0: the most modern technologies required to access the benefits of Industry 4.0 from the interconnection of several boilers to the most innovative remote diagnosis and proactive monitoring systems that allow you to maximize performance and operational continuity, mitigating the risk of downtime.