Revamping a plant or a machine requires specific analysis skills and expertise: Cannon Bono Energia has developed them in decades of designing and manufacturing industrial boilers. Revamping activities improve boilers efficiency, make them safer and in compliance with the most recent safety and environmental regulations. Indeed, it is not always necessary to replace a boiler, sometimes a tailor-made revamping allows to obtain economic advantages in compliance with the law.

This service is available for boilers in operation produced by Cannon Bono Energia or by other manufacturing companies.

Consumption reduction

Reducing the energy consumption means, for a company, saving production costs.

Cannon Bono Energia has developed some heat recovery systems to exchange the exhausted gas heat with other fluids involved in the thermodynamic cycle, as feed water or inlet air. This recovery allows an important energy saving, resulting in a tangible fuel saving. Furthermore, it is possible to employ an inverter to start motors of fans and pumps to reduce the electricity consumption and practically affect the electric bill.

Boiler automation

A high level of automation is essential to operate efficiently and in safety conditions the steam generator. Since more than twenty years, Cannon Bono Energia installs an automatic control system on his own steam generators: Optispark, which has been internally developed. In this way, each variable and operation parameter of the boiler is perfectly managed by a single integrated system (inverter – control valves – pressure transmitters – temperature transmitters). In addition, the air/fuel ratio is fully managed (by means of the electronic cam), allowing a considerable fuel saving.

Optispark can also interface with the most advanced external supervising systems, meeting all the industry 4.0 interconnectivity requirements.

Upgrading the combustion system

Cannon Bono Energia has developed a series of combustion systems that are very performing towards emissions, complying with compulsory limits. These systems employ the most recent technological innovations, internally developed or as a result of the integration of different trading systems. Thanks to these technologies, it is possible to reach low emissions: NOx < 60 mg/Nm3 and CO < 40 mg/Nm3 (@ 3% of oxygen ratio). Besides traditional hydrocarbon fuels, Cannon Bono Energia boilers are able to burn industrial process by-products, as Biogas, Methanol or Hydrogen.

AMEC system (integrated with Optispark) is able to monitor, record and average over time the emission values. These burning and emission analysis systems are compatible with every kind of steam generator.

Safety upgrading

Cannon Bono Energia is highly committed to safety upgrading: our technicians are able to assess the safety level of operating boilers, to define the requalification actions to comply with PED directive, without 72 h direct human supervision.