Clajtub water tube type steam generators (CT series) are the result of over 40 years experience of Cannon Bono Energia in industrial, petrochemical and power generation applications.

These generators guarantee the highest operating features, thanks to Cannon Bono Energia’s experience in heat transfer, welding technology and pressure vessel calculations.

CT series water tube steam generators represent a modern concept of “D” shaped design: two overmounted drums, expanded vertical tubes, full water walls type furnace and the burner housed inside the front water wall by means of properly shaped water tubes.

Nowadays operating efficiency is becoming an ever more important aspect in the client’s decision making process. Thus Cannon Bono Energia provides a wide and dedicated range of economizers (bare or finned tubes type) to ensure the highest boiler performance.

The water circulation inside the boiler is of the natural type and the flue gas tightness is realised on the external walls by means of longitudinally finned tubes. External walls and drums are insulated by means of high density rock wool panels, covered with stainless steel lagging, water tight for outdoor installation, anchored to the supporting structure and easy to disassemble.

Thermal and combustion efficiency is achieved using high performing burning system and advanced combustion and emission control/monitoring system supplied according to client’s standard. We also provide our own control system Optispark.

Water tube boilers also find application in heat recovery solutions and superheated water production.

Generatore Vapore tubi d'acqua CT Cannon Bono Energia