Flash coil steam generators model UNI-MATIC (UM), designed and built on the principle of forced circulation, are available both in vertical and horizontal version, with a steam output capacity range between 300 and 6000 kg/h; design pressure up to 30 bar.


  • Main application’s fields:
    • Industrial Laundries
    • Textile
    • Food & Beverage
  • UM is supplied as packaged unit, complete with all necessary equipment and ready to be connected to site utilities. As optional, economizer or air pre-heater can be additionally supplied to achieve high efficiency (up to 94%).
  • UM compact design and footprint is suitable for small plants, guaranteeing high performances. Design and manufacturing according to PED directive or ASME.

Competitive advantages

  • Maximum efficiency and high reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick steam output availability: less than 5 minutes to get steam from cold start
    • Suitable for batch applications (short and frequent steam timeframes)
  • Easy-to-use and reliable automatic combustion regulation:
    • Auxiliary equipments (OPTISPARK F3 control system with touch screen, high temperature feed water pumps, economizer, remote control and assistance)
    • Modular boiler system
    • Containerized solutions with complete systems
    • Low installation costs
    • 72h unmanned operation equipment and certification (according to European regulations)
    • Combustion System: Natural Gas, LPG, Fuel Oil or combined combustion
    • Maximum Safety Conditions
    • LOW NOx emission technology

Technical features UM Series

Technical featuresUnitUM 30UM 50UM 100UM 150UM 200UM 300
Steam productionkg/h3005001000150020003000
Design pressurebar11,711,711,711,711,711
Max working pressurebar10101010109
Heavy fuel oilKW4,35,39,612,91624
Natural gas or diesel oilKW2,32,34,65,9712