Cannon Bono Energia is producing High Pressure Steam Generators natural circulation type, model UM HP, since the year  2014 when it has been signed an agreement with HP Lux Company who has developed the  coil type steam generators at high pressure to adapt it mainly to special application , such as edible oil refineries, and  improving the design of piping/installation.

This know-how has allowed to design a perfect coil realized in 16 Mo3 for high pressure  steam and temperature for the special application of food industries process.


  • Coil does not have problem of circulation and keep same drop of pressure (which is not possible on rising pipes type WITH BLAST COSEQUENCES…)
  • Coil has not mechanical stress and do not have welding problems between pipes and collectors
  • Coil keeps an homogeneous dilatation at warm condition (rising pipes, different dilatation of up/down collector and pipes)
  • Special design of the installation with water reserve to anticipate the return condensate to grant a perfect natural circulation since the start up at cold conditions

Competitive advantages

  • Coils are realized in special steel pipe type 16 MO3 to guarantee the boiler’s long life also in hard working conditions, due to the high pressure and temperature of service of  the UM HP itself.
  • Coil’s dimensions, (big pipes diameters used in all our UM HP) large furnace, low thermal load, and low pressure drops, assure the steam circulation already at low
  • The minimum water level control is realized with one self-checking probe, which allows us to reduce the water content of the circuit that was necessary for the inertia of the  old water control systems.
  • Long-lasting operations, thanks to the construction in a special material that allows for longer resistance at the higher wall temperatures reached in case of a delay in the arrival of the return condensates.
  • High efficiency and reduced emissions of NOx
  • Compact footprint