SG and SM series fire-tube steam generators represent the ideal solution for reducing electrical consumption, increase the degree of safety of the plant – also in case of unsupervised operation – and comply with new emission regulation, using simple, yet reliable electronics.

Highly customizable solution for steam production from 1 to 30 tons/h, these series of steam generators is characterized by a complete shielding of the inversion chamber with a water tube enclosure, which, compared to other types of boilers, ensures a fast access to the flue gas inversion chamber and a complete visibility of the tubes, tubesheet and combustion chamber.

The advantages of this series stem from its design, with large heated surfaces and combustion chamber, as well as high turbulence of the flue gas flow, which ensures high thermal efficiency and low emissions.

Learn more about the HE Smart version of the SG and SM series


  • Tubes expanded and welded to the tube-sheet protecting the tubes from any aggressive delayed combustion
  • Tubesheets with ledges to guarantee maximum quality of welding between sheet and tubes.
  • Complete absence of refractory material and connecting rods on the shielding to avoid stress on the tubesheet
  • Wide combustion chamber guaranteeing low thermal load and reduced emissions
  • Available design for saturated and superheated steam, as well as hot water production

Competitive advantages

  • Ease of access to the internal parts of the boiler, furnace, tubesheet and flue gas inversion chamber.
  • Heat exchange optimization
  • High thermal efficiency up to 96%
  • Low NOx emission level, under 80 mg/Nm3, achieved through an optimized combustion and the employment of low
  • NOx burners specifically design for the steam generators.
  • Integrated electronic control system for dynamic management and control of the boiler, guaranteeing maximum safety and improved performances even in case of unattended operation for 24/72h.
  • Opportunity to interconnect with smart factory
  • Possibility to exempt from supervision for 24/72h
  • Turnkey solutions

Technical features SM and SG series

Technical features SMUnitSM 100SM 150SM 200SM 300SM 400SM 500
Steam productionkg/h100015002000300040005000
Design pressurebar12÷2512÷2512÷2512÷2512÷2512÷25
Thermal efficiency%90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*
NOx emissionsmg/Nm360*-13060*-13060*-13060*-13060*-13060*-130
Technical features SGUnitSG 600SG 800SG 1000SG 1200SG 1500SG 2000SG 2200SG 2500SG 3000
Steam productionkg/h6000800010000120001500020000220002500030000
Design pressurebar12÷2512÷2512÷2512÷2512÷2512÷2512÷2512÷2512÷25
Thermal efficiency%90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*90 ÷ 97,5*
NOx emissionsmg/Nm360**-13060**-13060**-13060**-13060**-13060**-13060**-13060**-13060**-130
* For HE Smart configuration
** Lower levels on demand
Caldaia a tubi da fumo, Cannon Bono Energia

Measuring type combustion control

Cannon Bono Energia offers the possibility to choose the fully metered combustion control of fire-tube boilers, which allows a dynamic boiler management through measurement of all relevant combustion variables.
The fully metered boiler performs a continuous and punctual combustion control through SIL compliant PLCs of primary brands on the market, ensuring the maximum flame quality and stability with changing ambient conditions or rapid load variations.

Learn more about the HE Smart version of the SG and SM series