SG Cannon Bono Energia

SG  Series offer a wet back steam boilers designed and manufactured by Cannon Bono Energia. The technical features, thanks to a continuous improvement, set this product as market benchmark for industrial boiler field. Reliability, low environmental impact and energy efficiency are the mile stones  where this product has its roots.

Designed for Heavy Duty industry  with a steam production up to 30 t/h, starting off 2021 the new models from 2 to 6 t/h  complete the portfolio.

In order to guarantee the high level of performance, Cannon Bono Energia has developed a dedicated combustion system  perfectly integrated with SG steam boiler. This solution complete the offer of customisation in add to market burners

The series SG IS equipped with 10,4”  HMI touch screen able to show al process parameters and all data processed by the high performance PLC.

The technical skills of Cannon Bono Energia, focused on a continuous improvement and customers satisfaction, allow to design applications with and efficiency up to 104 % with condensation condition.

Learn more about the HE Smart version of the SG series


  • Available for Saturated & Superheated steam and Superheated Water
  • High Efficiency Package Patented HE Smart
  • Eco Smart Verision for steam boiler up to 6 t/h
  • Combustion system suitable for mix of Natural Gas – Hydrogen / Natural Gas – Biogas
  • Proved design

Competitive advantages

  • High customization
  • Lowest managment cost
  • Efficiency up to 96,5% with cost effective solution
  • Ultra low emission configuration
  • High reliability