HE Smart package is designed to minimize electrical and fuel consumption at every operating load, through the smart and flexible operation of an extensive heat recovery system as well as the electrical components.
At the core of HE Smart is the OptiSpark automation system, completed with a wide array of metering devices for the optimal setting of the inverters and heat exchangers. Moreover, the HE Smart equipment allows the safe unattended operation of the boiler for 24/72h, bringing further advantage in terms of OPEX, besides the fuel and power savings.


  • Thermal efficiency guaranteed up to 97,5%
  • Smart management of process parameters thanks to OptiSpark automation system
  • Reduced NOx and CO2 emissions
  • High efficiency for various applications, even with feed water temperatures as high as 150°C
  • Consistent fuel and power savings
  • Reduced OPEX costs
  • Internet connection for remote control and monitoring
  • Optimized combustion through the employment of burners specifically designed for Cannon Bono Energia’s boilers.
  • Available for saturated and superheated steam, as well as superheated water production.
En example of HE Smart, the high efficiency steam generator by Cannon Bono Energia

Measuring type combustion control

Cannon Bono Energia offers the possibility to choose the fully metered combustion control of fire-tube boilers, which allows a dynamic boiler management through measurement of all relevant combustion variables.
The fully metered boiler performs a continuous and punctual combustion control through SIL compliant PLCs of primary brands on the market, ensuring the maximum flame quality and stability with changing ambient conditions or rapid load variations.