FT Series fire-tube steam generators are an efficient, compact and reliable solution for steam production, available in different configurations, from 1 to 6 tons/h, with pressure ranging from 12 to 15 barg.


  • Guaranteed efficiency up to 95%
  • Wide combustion chamber
  • Lower flue gas temperatures in the combustion chamber compared to reversed flame boilers
  • Reduced emission levels
  • Possibility to install accessories in order to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, increase the level of automation and exempt from licensed operators continuous supervision for 24/72h.

Competitive advantages

  • Low investment cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Short delivery time
  • Minimal on site installation and start-up activities
  • Ease of access to boiler’s internal parts with consequent reduced inspection, maintenance and cleaning time

Technical features FT Series

Technical featuresUnitàFT 100FT 200FT 300FT 400FT 500FT 600
Steam productionkg/h100020003000400050006000
Pressure stampbar121212121212
Thermal efficiency%90÷9590÷9590÷9590÷9590÷9590÷95
NOx emissionsmg/Nm380*-15080*-15080*-15080*-15080*-15080*-150
* Lower emission levels on demand