Fire tube steam generator by Cannon Bono Energia, FT model, with two smoke circuits. Efficient, reliable and compact, avaliable in different sizes [1-6 ton/h] and configurations. FT model steam generators are optimized for combination with any market burner.
Auxiliary equipments on request, such as OPTISPARK F3 or SMC control system with touch screen.


  • Two passes boilers
  • Small Footprint
  • Heat recovery system with economizers for high thermal efficiency
  • Possibility to exempt from licensed operators continuous supervision for 24/72h

Competitive advantages

  • Lower flue gas temperatures in the combustion chamber compared to reversed flame boilers
    • Lower thermal stresses in the metal structure
    • Limited emissions in atmosphere
  • Ease of access to boiler’s internal parts with consequent reduced inspection, maintenance and cleaning time
  • Reduced investment and menagement cost