Eco Smart Cannon Bono Energia

The HE Smart and ECO Smart series steam generators fire tube are equipped with the most advanced automation systems and designed for maximum performance.

Features and advantages:

  • Thermal efficiency up to 97.5% guaranteed even with feed water temperatures greater than 150 ° C
  •  Ad hoc condensation recovery systems designed for thermal efficiencies
  • Low-NOx burners for Cannon Bono Energia generators designed to guarantee the best performance in terms of combustion efficiency and emissions
  • Ad hoc designed OptiSpark PLC, for intelligent management of Cannon Bono Energia heat generators
  • Predictive control system: advanced technology developed to achieve the highest level of performance by optimizing  management of all control loops
  • Equipped with the most advanced remote diagnosis and remote assistance systems: Optiservice (Opticloud, Optisupport).-
  • Equipped with the most advanced automation systems needed for integration with the factory system under governmental  Industry 4.0 plan.
  • Reduction of operation and maintenance costs.