Cannon Bono Energia heat recovery steam generators are turn-key solutions for the production of steam or superheated water.

Recovering the heat from internal combustion engines, turbogas or specific industrial processes (such as melting furnaces, incinerators, etc …), Cannon Bono Energia recovery boilers ensure high thermal efficiency at all pressure levels.

The experience gained in the field in more than 60 years of presence on the market allows Cannon Bono Energia to offer tailor-made solutions, reliable over time, conceived on the needs of each individual customer, and able to maximize the heat recovered.


  • Thermal power recovered from 400 to 60,000 thermal kW
  • Pressure from 6 to 70 barg
  • Steam temperature up to 550 ° C

Some advantages of Cannon Bono Energia recovery boilers

  • Modular package solution
  • Minimized installation and start-up times
  • High process stability
  • Maximum energy recovery
  • Cogeneration configuration
  • Advanced control and supervision system
  • Easy maintenance


According to the requests, Cannon Bono Energia offers different types of recovery boilers for steam production:

  • CTR series water tube recovery steam generators for high temperature, pressure and power applications
  • Recovery steam generators with fire tubes SM/SGR series for low pressure (<30 barg) or low power (<6 MW thermal) systems

For those applications that require superheated water in their process, Cannon Bono Energia offers its CTHR multitubular technology with recovered power up to 30 MW.

heat recovery boiler