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Heat Recovery Generators

The perfect technological cost-effective solution to maximize the recovery of heat from gas turbines, internal combustion engines and some industrial operations. The steam obtained from these boilers can be used to provide auxiliary technological processes or to heat the company’s premises.

Key features

steam capacity

Steam capacity

0.5 – 70 t/h


Thermal capacity

up to 140 MW



up to 80 barg



up to condensation


Our recovery generators optimize the efficiency of the entire system and help combat environmental challenges by reducing NOx and CO2 emissions.

These solutions are made to order and fully customized. Recovery processes are designed after analyzing the sources of excess heat, and the process needs. This approach maximizes thermal efficiency and increases plant reliability.

The OptiSpark automatic control system provides rapid response to changes in operating parameters and optimizes the steam generation process under increasing or decreasing load conditions.

We offer complete turnkey solutions, from gas turbines or engine outlets to boiler exhaust stacks.

Our package can also include deaerators, boiler feed pumps, water treatment plants, piping, valves, control and instrumentation.

Reduced operating costs.

Smoke tube solution

Our smoke tube technology is purpose-built for internal combustion engines, aimed to maximizing heat recovery from exhaust emissions while minimizing back pressure. The system offers the option to incorporate an additional recovery mechanism, enhancing overall performance, and is guided by two core principles: reliability and ease of maintenance, ensuring dependable, hassle-free solutions. These versatile systems are compatible with internal combustion engines up to 15 MW or can be seamlessly integrated into various heat recovery processes.

Superheated water and thermal oil solutions

Our comprehensive range also includes a heat recovery exchanger designed to generate superheated water and thermal oil for industrial processes directly from exhaust emissions, offering a versatile solution for diverse applications.
We prioritize customization and innovation, ensuring that every product is conceptualized and tailor-made to match the unique demands of each project and meet our customers’ specific requirements, enhancing system efficiency and maximizing heat recovery potential.

Water tube solutions

We specialize in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge heat recovery generators, employing innovative water tube concepts tailored for cogeneration plants and industrial processes.
Our designs not only provide innovative solutions but also enhance installation benefits. Heat recovery generators can be seamlessly integrated behind gas turbines with capacities up to 20 MW or employed in high-temperature industrial applications.
Equipped with an advanced Industry 4.0-compatible control system, they exemplify the pinnacle of efficiency and sustainability.

Auxiliary boilers

Our control system leads to efficient heat recovery by adapting to changing conditions to maximize energy recuperation.

  • When heat demand exceeds available exhaust heat, it accommodates supplementary firing, involving the controlled introduction of additional fuel into the heat generation system.
  • The “fresh air” auxiliary system is designed to provide a continuous supply of thermal energy as a backup in case the gas turbine malfunctions.
  • Quick start-up auxiliary boilers ensure an instant supply of heat. To minimize downtime, they are an essential component in industries where uninterrupted heat supply is paramount.

The seamless integration of our auxiliary systems with cogeneration and heat recovery plants guarantees exceptional reliability.