Diathermic oil heaters are a winning choice in particular applications and can be an excellent alternative to steam. Cannon Bono Energia carefully analyzes customer needs to guide them towards the best choice.

Key Features

• Thermal capacity from 0,2 to 5,8 MW
• Natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, hydrogen, biogas, special fuels
• Operating temperature: up to 350°C
• Heater body design: 4 concentric coils containing up to 7 parallel tubes
• Vertical or horizontal configuration

Design and manufacturing can be realized according to:

PED Directive 97/23/CE, 2014/68/EU
ASME Design
RTN Certifications (Russia)
SELO (China)

Competitive Advantages

• High thermal efficiency: multi-coil structure designed to maximize heat exchange.
• Efficiency can be further increased with an air pre-heater
• Longer thermal fluid lifetime: temperature differences between bulk and film are minimized, preventing oil cracking events
• Low thermal stress on pressure parts: the homogeneous heat exchange reduces thermal imbalances and increases the operating life of the heater
• Easy maintenance: simple access to combustion chamber and coils through the removable upper cover

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