Thermal fluid heaters are a winning choice in particular applications and can be an excellent alternative to steam. Cannon Bono Energia carefully analyzes customers’ needs to support them towards the best choice.


Key Features

  • Thermal capacity from 1,7 to 17 MW
  • Fuels: natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, hydrogen, biogas, special fuels
  • Operating temperature: up to 400°C
  • Multi-tubular design with convective and radiant sections
  • Integrated combustion air-preheater

Design and manufacturing can be realized according to:

PED Directive 97/23/CE, 2014/68/EU
ASME Design
RTN Certifications (Russia)
SELO (China)


Competitive Advantages

  • Packaged configuration: OMP is supplied as a complete and assembled unit, ready to be connected to the utilities, minimizing installation activities on site. OMP footprint is smaller compared to coil heaters
  • High thermal efficiency: the combination of excellent heat exchange in the convective and radiant sections and the integrated combustion air pre-heater allow to reach efficiency level up to 93%
  • Counter-flow heat exchange scheme in the convection section: it grants more efficient heat exchange in the convective area compared to heaters designed with parallel flow scheme
  • Longer thermal fluid lifetime: the fluid heats up slowly in convective area, reducing thermal shocks in the radiant section, especially during start-up from cold
  • Low emissions: thanks to the large combustion chamber, with low thermal loads, low emissions are easier to be achieved
  • Easy maintenance: Inspection doors ensure easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Automatic soot blowers: optional design to clean up convective section in case of heavy fuel oil firing
  • Customization: OMP heaters can be engineered for high temperature (up to 400 °C) or large capacity applications
OMP Thermail Oil Cannon Bono Energia