Cannon Bono Energia offers diathermic oil heaters with horizontal multi-tubular design, with capacity up to 40 MW. They can use synthetic diathermic fluid in both liquid and gaseous phase with temperatures up to 400 ° C.


The main advantages of the Cannon Bono Energia HTH heater versus the vertical coil design are:

• Compact design especially in terms of height. Complete and full accessibility for cleaning and maintenance.
• The Cannon Bono Energia HTH design, including the in-built air preheater in the same heater base, is reducing the local assembly costs and material handling.
• The HTH horizontal position of the burner prevents problems deriving from unexpected fuel oil leakages from the nozzle in the furnace in case of HTH shut down (re-starting explosion prevention), thus giving a higher safety rating to the whole plant. Furthermore, due to the dimensions and easy access to furnace, the burner maintenance is easy and the operations are user-friendly.
• There is no need of heavy external lifting structures for coil extraction and repairing due to the complete internal access of the HTH through proper inspection doors and screened tube design. In few words, any tube of the furnace can be replaced working inside the heaters.
• Thermal fluid horizontal type heaters with multi-tubular design, built for capacities ranging up to 40 MW. Thermal fluid syntethic type, can be used both in liquid and in vapour phase up to 400°C


The Cannon Bono Energia HTH finds application in those industrial fields where high process temperatures are requested, such as production of:

• Polyester
• Nylon
• Formaldehyde
• Phtalic Anhydride
• Resins
• Paints
• Policarbonate

Why Cannon Bono Energia

Having more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing industrial thermal fluid heaters, Cannon Bono Energia is a leading Italian company identified by the following unique aspects:

1960: Cannon Bono Energia produces the first oil heater;
1970: Cannon Bono Energia supplies the first oil package unit having up to 13 MW capacity;
at present one of the largest manufacturers of oil heaters in terms of worldwide installed units;
efficient and distributed sales and after sales network through the Cannon organization consisting in more than 45 locations all over the world.

Caldaia olio diatermico HTH Cannon Bono Energia