Caldaia olio diatermico HTH Cannon Bono Energia

Cannon Bono Energia offers diathermic oil heaters with horizontal multi-tubular design, with capacity up to 40 MW. They can use synthetic diathermic fluid in both liquid and gaseous phase with temperatures up to 400 ° C.


  • HTH has horizontal, multi-tubular design with a built-in air pre-heater (required for improvement of the heater efficiency).
  • HTH heaters are designed for firing several kind of fuels, from natural gas to very heavy fuel oil or waste stream gas.
  • The design with a horizontally-fired burner allows for complete and easy access to all operation devices and it is fully drainable.



  • The HTH is supplied as a complete and assembled unit, ready to be connected to the utilities, minimizing installation works on site. The space occupied by the HTH is smaller compared to coil heaters.
  • The excellent heat exchange in the convective and radiant sections and the integrated combustion air pre-heater combine to achieve an high efficiency level. Low emissions: thanks to the large combustion chamber that ensures low thermal loads.
  • It ensures a more efficient heat exchange in the convective area compared to the heaters with parallel flow scheme
  • The fluid heats up slowly in convective area, reducing thermal shocks in the radiant section, especially during start-up from cold
  • Inspection doors ensure easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • HTH heaters can be engineered for high temperature or large capacity applications.