Thermal Oil Heaters fired with biomass are used mainly in Wood industry, MDF, Particle boards, Sawmills as thermal medium for presses and drying systems and for Cogeneration with ORC turbines.

  • Thermal capacity ranging from 4 MW up to 25MW
  • Use of Synthetic and Mineral thermal oil up to 400 °C
  • Combustion grate suitable to burn any wood waste as bark, saw dust, trimmings, cuttings.
  • Large combustion chamber made of refractory brick walls to assure adequate residence time at high temperature for combustion completion.
  • Radiant section made of tangent tubes welded to distribution headers, and convective section made of wide spaced bent tubes banks.
  • The Cannon patented parallelepiped heater has been designed to assure extended exchange surfaces, to assure uniform thermal oil circulation and to prevent tubes from clogging, granting high efficiency reliability and availability.
  • The parallelepiped heater is complete with fouling cleaning system by means of soot blower.
  • Hoppers with Automatic valves and ash extraction system.
  • Package heater configurations ready to be placed on combustion chamber.