Thermal fluid heaters are the right choice when applications (customers) require high temperatures and thermal stability.

Thermal fluids’ benefits

  • High boiling point and low vapor pressure in order to avoid pressurized systems
  • Low viscosity over operating range to ensure proper heat transfer
  • Low pour point to enable easy start-up at ambient temperatures
  • Good thermal and oxidation stability to provide long fluid life
  • No reaction with other chemicals used in the process to reduce hazards in case of internal leakages
  • Closed
  • High Good price-performance ratio to achieve get maximum performance for the money paid

Cannon Bono Energia, thanks to a deep technical knowledge and to a long experience, can suggest two technologies to cover a huge range of capacity, from 0,2 up to 40 MW.

Cannon Bono Energia benefits:

  • Customized equipment
  • Operational Flexibility
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Emissions solutions

OMV coil heater

Thermal capacity from 0,2 to 5,8 MW

OMP multitubolar heater

Thermal capacity from 1,7 to 17 MW

HTH multitubolar heavy duty heater

Thermal capacity up to 40 MW