Combustion systems

Cannon Bono Energia has always been committed to research and development of innovative and increasingly efficient combustion systems. The combustion know-how development has been focused on low NOx emissions system.
This also makes it possible to offer specific solutions for special fuels or process residues combustion.

Low NOx burners

The Cannon Bono Energy Low NOx burner technology is based on the integration of techniques to reduce NOx emissions, while ensuring a high flame stability, wide turndown ratios, CO emissions according to emission limits and the possibility of accepting high percentages of recirculating exhaust to the burner to further reduce NOx emissions.

Cannon Bono Energia burners are designed, manufactured and built to be installed on our boilers, in order to garantee a perfect match, optimization of combustion chamber geometry and efficient management of load regulation.

Fiamma Bruciatore Low Nox Cannon

Dedicated Solutions

Cannon Bono Energia is particularly focused on market requests. In the design of own steam generators and diathermic oil boilers it guarantees maximum versatility, in order to allow an optimal combination with any burner and / or technology on the market.
Cannon Bono Energia is able to satisfy any specific request: higer turndown ratios, lower emission limits and combustion systems of different fuels.