Combustion systems

Cannon Bono Energia has been always committed to research and development of innovative systems to be implemented on boilers. The combustion know-how has been focused on low NOx emissions. Moreover, specific solutions are offered in order to employ special fuels or process by-products as:

• Crude oil
• Vegetable or animal oil
• Industrial process waste gas (methanol, biogas, syngas, hydrogen)


Low NOx burners

The Cannon Bono Energy Low NOx burner technology is based on the integration of techniques to reduce NOx emissions, while ensuring a high flame stability, wide adjustment ranges (1: 6), CO emissions close to zero and the possibility of accepting high percentages of recirculating fumes to the burner to further reduce NOx emissions. Low NOx burners use only natural gas as fuel.

Cannon Bono Energia burners are designed, designed and built to be installed on their boilers, for which their operation is optimized.

Fiamma Bruciatore Low Nox Cannon

Employed techniques

• Fast Mixing: it allows to mix fuel and oxidizer in the fastest way possible in order to minimize the hot-spots where thermal NOx formation is favored
• Free Jet Recirculation: it permits to split the flame in multiple jets to improve the efficiency of exhausted gas internal recirculation, this is made possible by the particular shape of the burner head designed by Cannon Bono Energia
• Bluff-Body: it allows to improve turbulence by means of an applied obstacle to the air flow; the produced turbulence stabilizes the flame
• Gas Staging: it permits to reduce emissions and stabilize the flame at the same time by means of differentiated injections of fuel – it is even more effective when combined with the Bluff-Body –