Optimal Predictive Control is the latest generation boiler control system developed by Cannon Bono Energia and DAISY Lab, the automation laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano, based on the MPC (Model Predictive Control) control system.

Optimal Predictive Control uses a mathematical model that simulates future boiler conditions for different production and control scenarios in order to set the boiler according to the parameter to be optimized (accuracy, savings, maintenance).

The result is a boiler that always operates at its optimum point as chosen by the end-user.

With a continuous and optimized look into the future, Optimal Predictive Control is able to cope with sudden changes in operating conditions at all times in the most efficient way.

Optimal Predictive Control is designed exclusively for HE Smart boilers.

Its application ensures:

  • Maximum system energy efficiency. Smoother, more accurate boiler control and decreased variability in mean and tracking errors.
  • Longer life of movable components. Movements of control components are reduced as much as 24 times.
  • A reduction in human error. The system avoids tuning and manual boiler management.

What is an MPC?

An MPC is a feedback control algorithm that uses a model to make predictions about the future outcomes of a process. It is a multi-variable controller, that handles outputs while simultaneously considering all variables, and managing conditionals.