Optispark, controllo e gestione della caldaia

OptiSpark is a complete hardware and software package that Cannon Bono Energia offers as proprietary solution for boiler automation.
Specifically studied and implemented for the fire-tube boilers, OptiSpark system has been developed integrating the features of the most various applications where Cannon Bono Energia boilers are involved.

OptiSpark’s reliability and flexibility are proven by more than twenty years of installations on Cannon Bono Energia boilers as well as on revamping of existing plants.

The adoption of OptiSpark comes with a series of advantages to the client

  • Integration of the boiler control and burner management systems (BCS and BMS)
  • Boiler safety and efficiency during start-up, stand-by and rapid load change
  • Load Sharing in multiple boiler systems
  • Multiple-fuel management
  • Graphic HMI for operator
  • Internet and LAN communications for remote control and monitoring

Always focusing on innovation and development, OptiSpark is an ongoing project and constantly improving.
Updated to the most recent trends in the industrial sector, todays OptiSpark is at the base of interconnection between boilers and Smart Factories for Industry 4.0 implementation. The system is suitable for interconnecting with all the other machines within the factory in order to coordinate with the different applications and production processes, contributing to increase the production planning ability for continuous efficiency improvement.