Cannon Bono Energia is able to supply a wide range of water treatment plants that are able to produce boiler feed water in line with the quality standards required to power complex plants such as gas, coal and biomass power plants , nuclear, solar.

The objectives of water treatment in the production of steam and power are:

  • reduce the boiler corrosion
  • prevent deposition of scale
  • maintain high heat-transfer efficiency
  • maintain the quality of the generated steam in compliance with the requirements of the manufacturers of critical equipment.

The solutions targeted to the Power Generation Markets are:

Desalination & raw water pre-treatment.
Water at plant sites can often be drawn only from the sea, lakes or rivers and is not suitable even for the less demanding users. Treatment is mandatory and can be a challenging work.

Demineralization Systems
targeted to the production of high purity water. Removal of dissolved solids can be achieved by means of membranes or Ion-exchange technologies.

Condensate Polishing Units.
Traces of different kind of impurities can be removed from the return steam condensate in order to make it suitable to be reused within high-pressure thermal cycles.

Based on ZeroGas Deaerator® technology where removal of dissolved gases (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide) from boiler feed water is accomplished through vacuum or thermophysical deaeration

Waste Water Treatment for Flue Gas Desulphurisation.
Waste water may be of critical importance in a power generation plant in particular when water is used as a scrubbing media for flue gas depuration such as in coal-fired power plants.

Zero Liquid Discharge System.
A very efficient waste water treatment and water recovery is then crucial to reduce the liquid effluent and achieve complete water recovery.

Cooling Water Filtration
Based in particular on Hydraback® Filters which find wide application as make-up water treatment and side stream filtration when evaporative cooling towers are employed.