31 Jan 2019

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Compactness, simplicity, reliability, strenght and flexibility: the Cannon Bono Energia FT series is suitable for many uses.

Compactness, simplicity and reliability

The FT series boilers are the smallest fire tube steam generators among those produced by Cannon Bono Energia and are used in production processes which require steam for up to 6 t / h.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, in the Netro plant (near Biella), and in compliance with European directives (CE mark), the simplicity of these two passes fire tube steam boiler let them robust and reliable. Furthermore, the ease of access to the internal parts of the generator facilitates maintenance and cleaning.

The large size of the combustion chamber and the more precise flame development allow to significantly reduce NOx and CO emissions, in compliance with the most stringent emissions regulations (if you want to deepen the topic, read the article: “Emission limits for combustion plants “), while CO2 emissions are significantly reduced thanks to the high thermal efficiency.

Full Optional Steam boiler

From burner to sensors, the customer can choose the outfitting that fully meets their needs: the FT series boilers can be equipped with top class optional, widely available on the market and easily integrated.

These boilers are also available in the Eco and EcoPlus versions: equipped with one or two economisers (designed to be modular) respectively, they reach guaranteed efficiency levels of up to 95%.

The boiler activity can be completely automated thanks to the Optispark control and management system that allows the interconnection between steam generator and the other machines in the factory and the constant monitoring of all the operating parameters, foreseeing and managing any anomalies.

Package and containerization

Cannon Bono Energia supplies the FT boiler with all the accessories required and ready for use. Installation and start-up are particularly simple and the customer can perform it with minimal operations.

It is possible to purchase a containerized boiler, complete with accessories, creating a mobile thermal power plant, easy to connect and start. A solution particularly used in extreme logistical or environmental conditions, as for example very cold remote places that make it necessary to heat the container.

Thanks to their compactness, reliability and flexibility, the FT series steam generators are used in various industrial productions, from food, to textiles, metallurgy, and industrial laundry.