“The challenge of high energy efficiency. Cannon Bono Energia – Tradition and Innovation”

04 Oct 2018

An occasion to analyse the state of the art of the industrial boiler and talk about next developments.

With the claim “Energy Efficiency First”, the European Union has signed the agreement on energy efficiency: new rules which will guide the European energy transition by 2030 towards the achievement of the 30% of energy efficiency binding target.

But how is it possible to optimize energy efficiency of a power  plant, and how this one can be improved by the automation evolution?

These are the themes faced during the conference organized by Cannon Bono Energia at Politecnic of Milan on Thursday 27th, 2018, “The challenge of high energy efficiency. Cannon Bono Energia – Tradition and Innovation”, in which many guests took part.

An occasion to analyse, thanks to Antonio Landi (Cannon Bono Energia), the industrial boiler state of the art, result of 60 years of Cannon Bono Energia experience, and the results achieved with the application of Industry 4.0 principles, and to deal with future developments in terms of steam generators predictive control, with the presentation of the project developed in collaboration with Luca Ferrarini, Electonics and Information Professor of the Politecnico of Milan.

Also Cannon Artes, Cannon Automata and Ego Power, among the leading Italian companies providing energy services, took part in the conference. At the end of the morning a case history was introduced: Matteo Casti, Head of Corrugated Production, talked about the Ghelfi Ondulati “Lean Project”, and the solution supplied by Cannon Bono Energia to help them reaching the goal of energy efficiency.

The conference was an important appointment to face the very actual theme of energy efficiency in industry: energy efficiency, in fact, does not mean only reducing  running costs, but it also means reduce the use of energy resources and, therefore, the harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

For a company, efficiency means improving itself: the introduction of new, less energy-intensive technologies leads to a modernization of the plants, which equates to:

  • Less maintenance costs;
  • Greater reliability
  • more safety for operators;

furthermore, the implementation of smart productive processes, thanks to digitalization, reduces waste and improves the product.

Sustainability is not just a matter of image, but increases the value of the company and makes it more competitive on the market.

The event ended with the visit at the Cannon Bono Energia factory, where a show room had been set.