05 Sep 2019

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Do you know that steam is one of the main ingredients used by companies in the Food & Beverage sector?

This field, in fact, is one of the most energy-consuming: it uses steam in a multitude of different processes, both in production, and in washing and sterilization of the containers and equipment used.

These are fundamental and delicate phases: a lack of steam, even temporary, can cause heavy downtime, but can also impact on the success of the final product.

Cannon Bono Energia espone al Cibus Tec

For this reason it is essential to have a reliable boiler, able to guarantee a continuous production of steam and, at the same time, the versatility which is necessary to support to the production requirements.

Cannon Bono Energia has developed the HE Smart steam generators, the best solution for the Food & Beverage sector: the very high levels of thermal efficiency and their capacity, thanks to OptiSpark automation system, to obtain the best performance even in load variations, allow companies to achieve significant electricity and fuel savings (around 13%).

OptiSpark, completed with on-board sensors, allows the safe unattended conduction of the boiler even for 24/72 h, as well as the best regulation of performance based on production needs.

Cannon Bono Energia products are developed taking care of the green aspect: the HE Smart steam generators use specially designed Low-Nox burners and, thanks to the automatic optimization of the combustion, reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, through OptiSpark, Cannon Bono Energia boilers are directly connected to assistance service, which constantly monitors the status and efficiency, intervening if necessary.

Cannon Bono Energia Optisupport

The company has also activated the new OptiSupport service, which, through the use of smart glasses and augmented reality, allows customers to connect directly with a Cannon Bono Energia operator to be guided during maintenance operations.

This translates for customers into:

  • Reduce downtime (thanks to the prompt intervention of the maintenance technician)
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Want to know more about Cannon Bono Energia’s products and services?

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