10 Jun 2019

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Revamping improves the efficiency of boilers, making them safer and more up to date in terms of the most recent standards in air pollution and safety

It’s not always necessary to replace the machine; there are times when targeted revamping is economically advantageous or adapts the machine to current legislation at much more contained costs.

Cannon Bono Energia Revamping

Reduced consumption

For a business, reducing energy consumption means saving on production costs. Cannon Bono Energia has fine-tuned a series of initiatives to use energy recovery systems (like, for instance, economisers) that remove heat from the combustion exhaust fumes to the advantage of other liquids entering the thermal cycle – like the feed water – thereby allowing for significant energy savings that translate into tangible fuel savings. Additionally, in order to reduce electricity consumption, inverters can be used to activate fan and pump motors, further lowering the electric bill.

Boiler automation

The degree to which the control systems are automated is a fundamental component for generators to work safely and efficiently.

For over twenty years, Cannon Bono Energia has been installing an automatic control and adjustment system developed in-house called OptiSpark on its generators. This way, all the boiler operating variables and parameters are harmoniously managed and displayed by a single, perfectly integrated system (Inverters – Adjustment valves – Pressure transmitters – Temperature transmitters).

The OptiSpark system is also able to directly manage the air-fuel ratio (electronic cams) on the same interface, allowing for significant fuel savings. It can also interface with the most advanced external supervisory control systems and has all the interconnectivity requisites that Industry 4.0 requires.

Modernising the combustion system

Cannon Bono Energia has fine-tuned a series of high performing combustion systems in terms of emissions that meets the limits of laws that have and will continue to become increasingly stringent. These systems take advantage of all the most recent technology developed in-house or as a result of integrating various systems on the market. This technology can reach emissions values of NOx < 60mg/Nm3 and CO < 40 mg/Nm3 (referring to 3% Oxygen).

In addition to conventional fuel, Cannon Bono Energia can also burn fuel deriving from industrial processes like biogas, methanol, or hydrogen.

With the AMEC system (which can integrate into the OptiSpark control and management system), Cannon Bono Energia can monitor, record, and average the emissions values detected over time. AMEC meets Italian Leg.Dec. 152/06 and Leg.Dec. 183/17 requirements and has Ethernet communication for remote interfacing.

These new burners and emissions monitoring systems can be installed on all types of generators. The new technology that Cannon Bono Energia makes available makes it feasible and easy to both protect the environment and reduce consumption.

Updating safety

Cannon Bono Energia is seriously committed to informing users of technological innovations that can be implemented on safety systems installed on generators that have already been running for some time.

Its specialised technicians can investigate and run all the tests necessary to check the state of the generator for an upgrade according to the EC/PED standard that, in addition to installing some modern safety systems, provide the benefit of not requiring the constant presence of a qualified operator for up to 72 hours.

Equipment that was not manufactured by Cannon Bono Energia can also be upgraded and operator-free operation can be implemented.

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