05 Jun 2020

The Armenian giant Grand Candy has chosen the efficiency of Cannon Bono Energia for its new thermal power plant

Grand Candy is the biggest company of the Armenian food sector. Since 2000 Grand Candy produces sweets of all kinds (from candies to ice cream) and today represents 40% of the national confectionery market.

In recent years, the company has implemented and enormously expanded its production of both traditional products, such as candies, chocolates, sugared almonds …, and new products, such as coffee and ice cream.

A new, smarter boiler room

In the Yerevan manufacturing centre there was already a thermal power plant which supplied energy to the old production lines and utilities.

The expansion of production made it necessary to replace the previous thermal plant, now obsolete, with a more modern and efficient one, able to produce 82 tons/h of steam: this is the request to cover the needs of old and new production lines, as well as the factory utilities (heating and hot water).

Grand Candy

Grand Candy was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2000. At the time the production focused only on candies and chocolate, but their very well-organized production system allowed the company to grow quickly and to become, within a few years, leader of the Armenian food sector. Today Grand Candy manufactures more than 400 different products, sold in their 29 stores and 8450 other stores across the country.

For the new boiler house Cannon Bono Energia supplied four fire tube steam generators HE Smart series, two of 16 ton/h and two of 25 ton/h, and equipped with OptiSpark, the “smart heart” of the boilers: this control and management system allows the customer to autonomously adjust the load of the boiler, to check its performance in real time. Thanks to OptiSpark, the boiler operates constantly at the highest level of efficiency, even with variations in the load and temperature of the feed water.

An additional OptiSpark system was provided for the integration of the overall thermal power plant with the rest of the production: the entire plant is thus completely controlled and loads are efficiently distributed among the four boilers.

All OptiSpark packages provided have a customized interface in Russian.

Cannon Bono Energia boilers in Grand Candy's factory

An efficient and green product

Like many large companies around the world, Grand Candy is also particularly sensitive to the environmental theme: efficiency and very low emissions were therefore a prerogative for the customer.

The HE Smart fire tube boilers supplied are equipped with Low-NOx burners specially designed by Cannon Bono Energia. These Low-NOx burners, together with the automatic optimization of combustion obtained thanks to OptiSpark, allow to minimize the emissions of NOx (nitrogen oxide) and CO2.

The heat recovery system, also developed internally, allows to recover the heat produced by combustion, reducing and constantly keeping the flue gas temperature low at the boiler outlet (maximum 85°C): the risk of acid condensation is so avoided, and the boiler works at the maximum constant level of efficiency.

This translates into lower consumption and reduced costs: given the enormous steam demand of the system and the cost it in Armenia (0.25 €/Nm3 compared, for example, to the 0.07 €/Nm3 of the near Russia), the possibility of exploiting and reusing as much as possible the heat produced by the generator has become mandatory for the customer.

As can be seen from the table below, the comparison between the HE-Smart solution and the classic configuration of a traditional 25 ton/h steam generator with economizer highlights important economic savings: assuming that the boiler works 24h/day for 365 days, therefore 8760 hours/year, the resulting saving approaches 136,000 €/year (- 62 Nm3/h).

Comparison between a common solution and Cannon Bono Energia one

Together with the four steam boilers, Cannon Bono Energia supplied also a complete water treatment station, composed by double deferisation filter columns, double softening columns, suitable to produce 65 mc/h of treated water, plus two thermal physical deaerators complete with vertical degassing tower 42mc/h each at 105°c with O2 residual content of 0,01 ppm.

The pluses

During the start-up phase, Cannon Bono Energia opened the doors of its factories in Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) to Grand Candy: the customer saw all the stages of the construction of steam generators, being sure of receiving a completely “Made in Italy” product.

Another important added value is the possibility, thanks to OptiSpark, to remotely connect the entire thermal power plant to Cannon Bono Energia, which can constantly monitor the performance of the installed boilers, is able to provide diagnostics extremely fast in case of anomalies and can quickly help the customer in solving them.

In addition, thanks to the support of Cannon Eurasia, the Russian-Cannon branch based in Moscow, that followed the entire project, Grand Candy can count on timely local support, able to respond to every possible need.

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