23 Dec 2020

Gaspare Sironi, Italian textile company known all over the world, has chosen the efficiency and the sustainability of Cannon Bono Energia for its new boiler

Passion, continuous innovation, high quality of processing and of finished product, and care for the environment: these are the milestones of Gaspare Sironi, a historic company in the Italian textile sector, with offices all over the world.

A bit of history

Gaspare Sironi was born in 1815 in Gallarate, a small-town in the northwest of Milan. The founder, Gaspare Sironi, began the business by collecting fabrics and making them weave by local farmers. The next generation started the industrialization that led the company to be one of the leading realities in the Italian textile sector.

In its more than 200 years of history, the company, while having a solid family vision, has taken on an international dimension, bringing its products all over the world and opening offices in Italy, Tunisia, China, in the United States and Mexico.

Innovation and attention to the environment

For Gaspare Sironi, technology is the key to constantly improving the quality of its products. The company “has perfected the art of ancient textiles, developing at the same time the production technology and the sustainability of the entire supply chain”. This is why it chooses sustainable and fairly produced raw materials, and chooses to introduce new and cutting-edge machinery with very high energy efficiency levels.

In addition to this, it combines innovative systems of water and air, and noise abatement. A constant attention to the environment that allows them to produce in one of the most evocative parks in Italy, the Ticino Park.

This vision also influences the choice of suppliers, to whom rigorous standards of sustainability and ethical-social protocols are required.

Cannon Bono Energia Boiler in Gaspare Sironi thermal power plant

A new boiler for the Coarezza plant

In the Gaspare Sironi plant in Coarezza, the activities of weaving, finishing and dyeing of liners, interliners and fabrics are carried out.

For these processes, heat and energy are two fundamental ingredients. The thermal power plant of the factory consists of two boilers which, together, respond to production needs. However, the many years of operation of the steam generators present and the increase in demand have made the thermal power plant no longer suitable for supporting the high-quality production of Gaspare Sironi.

It was therefore necessary to revamp or completely replace one of the two boilers, in order to improve the performance of the thermal power plant.

From the early stages, Gaspare Sironi relied on the professionalism and experience of Cannon Bono Energia. After a deep technical-commercial analysis that highlighted the inconvenience of a revamping intervention, the company opted for the complete replacement of the boiler.

The Cannon Bono Energia solution

Cannon Bono Energia proposed the optimal solution with respect to the needs of Gaspare Sironi.

The SG 1500 HE Smart version boiler works at an operating pressure of 15 bar and at a very high, constant level of efficiency.

Its patented heat recovery system, designed internally, allows to keep the flue gas temperature always below 85°C, avoiding the harmful phenomenon of condensation, minimizing emissions, and exploiting residual heat as much as possible.

In addition, thanks to the OptiSpark F3 control and management system, the “intelligent heart” of the boiler, the machine always works at its optimum with respect to the required performance and at maximum efficiency, regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Gaspare Sironi can check the performance of the steam generator at any time simply by consulting the OptiSpark F3 control panel, from which he can easily monitor all the main parameters of the boiler, view and download historical operating data, perform functional trend analyses.

Gaspare Sironi Cannon Bono Energia HE Smart

Support from A to Z

Cannon Bono Energia experts supported the customer from the initial stages of analyses of the type of intervention to be performed within the thermal power plant.

In partnership with Gaspare Sironi, in fact, deep technical-commercial evaluations on the best system to be adopted were carried out and, once the suited type of boiler was identified, the support of Cannon Bono Energia was essential for the quick and complete integration of the new steam generator within the existing thermal power plant.

Furthermore, Cannon Bono Energia technicians also took care of the installation of the boiler, providing Gaspare Sironi with a turnkey system.

Watch the video and discover the experience of Gaspare Sironi

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