Increase the efficiency of your steam generator and save money

25 Mar 2019

Reading time: 2 minutes

6 tips to make your heating plant more efficient and reduce consumption and costs.

Maximizing the efficiency of your boiler system brings considerable advantages to the production, reduces electricity cost and avoids unnecessary energy waste.

We have compiled a short list of six tricks that will allow you to increase your steam generator efficiency:

Cannon Bono Energia solution for Ghelfi Ondulati

1- Use water pumps with inverters: inverters reduce the power absorbed by the pump, which can work more constantly and at the optimum operating point.

2- Equip your generator with economizers: they are essential to recover the heat still present in exhausted fumes, that otherwise would be lost, released into the atmosphere. Using this heat to preheat the boiler feed water, it is possible to reduce the fuel consumption used to generate the steam.

3- Check the insulation of your boiler: an optimal insulation of the generator cylindrical body avoids possible heat losses linked to the thermal difference with the outside.

4- Manage the performance of your steam generator with an automatic management and control system: electronic systems, like OptiSpark, allow you to easily and safely adjust your generator and monitor its performance in real time. These tools, for example, keep constant the previously set ratio of air and fuel inside the burner: in this way the combustion is more efficient and the emissions of highly polluting nitrogen and carbon oxides are reduced.

In the same way, with this system it is possible to check the stability of the water level in the boiler, as well as the steam pressure: the more stable the level and the pressure, the greater the stability of the combustion.

Optispark, controllo e gestione della caldaia

Furthermore, these systems provide important information regarding the state of operation (and wear) of the various components that make up the steam generator: maintenance and replacement operations can thus be set in advance, avoiding heavy downtime and keeping high and constant boiler performance.

5- Often underestimated, the feed water treatment is very important to increase the efficiency of the boiler system: through the use of a thermophysical or pressure deaerator, it is possible to remove O2 and CO2 present in the water, main cause of corrosion of the generator. The water correctly treated, therefore, allows the machine to perform better.

6- Treat the condensates and reuse them: the condensation treatment allows to recover and reuse them, inserting them again in the water circuit. This reduces the amount of water replenishment.

These are some tips to improve the overall efficiency of your heating plant. In other cases, to lower consumption it is advisable to replace system parts or opt for a revamping of the entire system or, again, for the installation of new technologically more advanced solutions.

If you want to learn more about how Cannon Bono Energia can help you improve your plant’s efficiency, contact us at energy@cannon.com.