23 Jul 2020

Upgrade your steam generator with the HE system: increase efficiency and save money

If your boiler has been in operation for several years, revamping it could be a good idea.

Why? Because by upgrading your boiler you can reduce environmental impact, improve safety, make it in compliance with the latest safety and emissions regulations, and obtain important economic benefits. All with very low costs (we have already talked about it here).

Furthermore, transforming your fire tube or water tube steam generator into a HE Smart boiler also allows to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, regardless of the conditions of use, thus saving energy and significantly reducing operating costs.

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Why choose a HE version revamping?

First of all, revamping means that series of activities aimed primarily at modernizing and improving boilers performance and / or operating safety.

These activities may include the implementation of protection and safety chains and the installation of devices, such as heat recovery units, new combustion systems designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, plants able to reduce gas or fluids process waste to produce energy, and control and management software conceived to make more efficient each component and operating phase.

Revamping in HE version, and therefore transforming your steam generator into a highly efficient one, means equipping your boiler with a patented system capable of obtaining a constant efficiency of 97.5%, even with feed water temperatures > 150 ° C.

Through the installation of heat recovery systems and of advanced control and management systems, your boiler will guarantee very high levels of thermal efficiency, maintaining a flue gas temperature lower than 85 ° C, even when the temperature of the feed water changes, and obtaining the best performance even during the load variations typical of the production processes.

Thanks to the revamping in the HE version you can save up to 10% on all methane bills and up to 35% of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions by about 10%.

Your boiler is ready for I4.0

With a HE version revamping, your boiler will be equipped with a management system capable of connecting the steam generator to the entire production process: the latter (or, possibly, the boiler technician) sets on the boiler the quantity of steam required, when and in what pressure. Based on this information, the entire boiler adjusts itself automatically, changing its parameters in view of a single goal: maximum continuous efficiency.

Translating: your boiler produces the steam you need to work, at the lowest possible energy cost. Always!

Safety always at the top

Revamping makes your boiler more efficient, but also safer.

Prolonged operation for many years can wear out the boiler components, putting safety at risk.

The control and management system installed during the revamping phase allows continuous monitoring of the health status of the boiler, of its main parameters and of the level of wear of the components.

In this way you can reduce the risk of sudden machine stops, and have a quick and prompt diagnosis of a possible problem or malfunction.

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