10 Sep 2020
Cannon Bono Energia Deodorization of Edible Oils

A thermal process removes any trace of volatile, smelly component, making the oils suitable for cooking.

The equipment used for this treatment must work within strict parameters, with processing temperatures varying in a range between 200-300 °C.

Thermal oil heaters have been used for decades to provide the very hot fluid able to perform the deodorisation, and Cannon Bono Energia has been active in this field since 2014, when a cooperation agreement was signed with the Luxembourg-based HP Lux.

This engineering Company owns the know-how and the original project of a series of High Pressure, Natural Circulation Steam Generators specifically designed for this application. Cannon Bono Energia manufactures and distributes them worldwide as the UM-HP series.

High Pressure & High Temperature

The working conditions of these generators are quite severe: with a steam temperature as high as 312 °C their pressure easily can reach 100 bar. Flue gas also leaves the combustion chamber at high temperature. For this reason the whole vertical coil construction, that is made by curving three parallel large-diameter pipes, is executed using 16Mo3 alloy, which allows for higher wall temperatures, instead of standard Carbon steel, and is totally seamless. This execution ensures maximum safety against leakages, optimised flow of steam (even at low pressures during start-ups) and homogeneous dilatation across the whole structure.

The Natural Circulation concept eliminates the use of a water circulation pump and of all its relevant motor, controls, valves and flowmeter. For all those applications where the level of emitted NOx is not critical, a large combustion air pre-heater can be installed downstream the exit of the combustion gasses: by recovering their latent heat it is able to bring the ambient air up to 180°C, increasing the combustion efficiency up to 90% (± 2).

Cannon Bono Energia UM-HP

A Wide Range of Models

The UM-HP series of High Pressure, Natural Circulation Steam Generators is available in numerous models, able to fulfil the needs of the smallest and of the largest producers of edible oils. The 16 standard models cover the range of capacities between 100,000 and 4,000,000 Kcal/h. Special models can be designed according to special needs. A dedicated production line for this series has been set up in the Cannon Bono Netro factory, near Biella, in northern Italy.

More than 900 of these units are currently operating worldwide in the specific market segment of oil deodorisation: 90 of these have been made in the past three years.

Chosen all over the world

Filippo Zucco, Product Manager for this line of high pressure steam generators actively promoted the UM-HP series in China and Far East Asia, fully supported by Zhang Hao, Cannon Bono Energia Area Manager for China based in Cannon Far East Shanghai offices. Numerous negotiations have been started with major local food companies, including Ocean and Bright Food, all interested in this innovative solution for the deodorisation of their edible oils.

A very effective business cooperation was established with the Chinese Myande Group, a leading provider of equipment and engineering services in oils and fats, starch and derivatives, meal fermentation and evaporation & crystallisation industries.

After a very careful examination of all technical, constructive and service-related features provided by the UM-HP Series, Myande adopted it for their most recent turn-key plants for oil deodorisation supplied in Far East Asia and Africa. The latest plant —ordered to Cannon Bono Energia rather than to the prior German supplier – has just been delivered to a vegetal oil refinery in Ethiopia, a country where the Chinese presence is now very relevant at every level.

The customer will exploit the numerous advantages that characterise the UM-HP High Pressure Steam Generators:

  • Long-lasting operations, thanks to the construction in a special material that allows for longer resistance at the higher wall temperatures reached in case of a delay in the arrival of the return condensates.
  • Safe operations, thanks to the seamless coil.
  • High efficiency and reduced emissions of NOx, thanks to a well-designed combustion chamber and to the use of state-of-art Weishaupt burners.
  • Compact footprint, thanks to its vertical construction.
  • Very appreciated support during negotiation time.

Other units (one UM-HP 400 for Uzbekistan, one UM-HP 400 plus one UM-HP 600 for China) will be delivered in the first half of 2020. All these machines were sold with a very short delivery time thanks to the fact that this series is available in a wide range of certifications: it has already been approved by EU/PED, USA/ASME, China/SELO, RUSSIA/Gost-R & RTN, INDIA/IBR and Japan/JIS.

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