10 Jun 2021
Energy Transition for CBE: electric boilers

The need to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere as much as possible to limit the climate impact is leading many companies to choose industrial electric boilers, instead of traditional boilers, for their production processes.

The energy transition and the industrial sector

Climate change, and the consequent alterations to the environment in which we live, are posing an important challenge to countries and governments around the world.

Europe aims to be the first continent with zero climate impact by 2050, by adopting climate legislation that envisages the commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and on the other hand, the elimination from the atmosphere of that already produced.

From an industrial point of view, the energy transition towards a decarbonized future mainly passes through the concept of energy efficiency and emission reduction.

The industrial sector is the source of about 30% of total CO2 emissions per year and to achieve the 2030 and 2050 objectives it will be necessary to intensify research and development activities, aimed at improving the energy efficiency of production, to use less polluting fossil sources, to use renewables more and more.

Many European countries have long since embarked on the road towards a greener and more sustainable dimension: this is the case of the Scandinavian countries, which have combined the exploitation of fossil fuels with an intelligent use of the resources that the territory offers, enhancing the use of biomass and electricity.

Cannon Bono Energia Industrial Electric Boilers

Industrial electric boilers

For many companies, reducing atmospheric emissions as much as possible means choosing boilers without combustion. Unlike traditional flame boilers, industrial electric boilers use a system of resistors or electrodes to efficiently generate the energy needed for the production process.

The absence of combustion (of hydrocarbons or biomass) avoids the emission into the atmosphere of many pollutants such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) sulfur oxide (SOx), and carbon dioxide.

For several years, Cannon Bono Energia has been developing a series of highly efficient electric resistance boilers, able to manage very high power and to adapt to both the production of steam and the heating of thermal oil.

Industrial electric boilers are a valid solution for all those companies that choose to produce in a more sustainable way or that, due to their location, are forced to comply with stringent limits on emissions imposed by the regulations in force in that specific area.

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