28 Apr 2021

With 7 production centers throughout the Italian territory, over 700 employees and an annual production capacity of 300 thousand tons of made in Italy “Tissue” paper, Cartiere Carrara supplies products of constant high quality standards, from raw materials to finished products.
The production site in Ferrania (Savona) has a total area of ​​approximately 16,500 square meters.
Almost 3 thousand square meters of public green to be sold to the Municipality of Cairo Montenotte.

Cartiere Carrara plant

The Cannon Bono Energia plant

As part of such an important urban and production project, Cannon Bono Energia provided a plant aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of the paper mill’s production line.

The proposed solution is a configuration based on two boilers: a SG1200 series steam generator HE Smart version with direct flame equipped with the recovery system (HE) and a recovery boiler SG R 600 series.
The proposed direct flame steam generator differs from the “common” installations for the direct use of the water in the machine tank at very high temperatures (higher than 165°C), offering a higher efficiency than the market average, and capable of produce up to 12,000 kg/h of steam. On the contrary, the recovery boiler of the SG R 600 series proposed in combination with the HE Smart steam generator has a recovery capacity of about 3000 kg/h at 20 barg.

The HE Smart solution

The HE Smart solution is a patented energy recovery system installed directly on the steam generator capable of running the machine near the smoke condensation point even with high temperature feed water, a typical feature of the “Tissue” paper production process.

This recovery system consists of a series of heat exchangers sized for the operating conditions of the machine with the aim of maximizing performance. Furthermore, the exchangers are hydraulically interconnected to each other in order to manage and optimize the recovery energy flows on the machine.

The boiler control system, based on the OptiSpark F3 PLC, tunes and balances the heat exchanges by dynamically adapting the recovery system to the process, in order to maximize performance over the entire operating curve of the machine.

Cannon Bono Energia HE Smart for Cartiere Carrara

High efficiency even in extreme conditions

All these features allow the steam generator equipped with the HE Smart system to minimize the production cost per ton of steam thanks to the high efficiency even in “extreme” operating conditions such as those from the production of “Tissue” paper.

Furthermore, the HE Smart solution, proposed by Cannon Bono Energia is a high performance recovery steam generator downstream of an endothermic engine with a power of 4300 kWel able to maximize the energy recovery on the fumes of the cogenerator.

Machine level control managed by a “SMART” solution

A detail that makes the difference is the level control of the machines managed by a “SMART” solution.
The PLC installed on the direct flame generator favors the water supply from the machine tank to the generator while maintaining the optimal operating conditions of the HE Smart. Consequently, the recovery boiler SG R 600 series is fed by mixed water deriving from the machine tank (hot) and the make-up (fresh). The solution allows the temperature of the feed water to drop, increasing the energy recovery of the steam generator.

The creation of “tailor-made” solutions shows the innovative attitude of the entire Cannon Bono Energia team, capable of designing solutions in compliance with its customers needs.
In the case of Cartiere Carrara, the “global” vision and the importance of the project prompted Cannon Bono Energia to study and propose the best solution aimed at: reducing consumption, reducing emissions, limiting environmental impacts and maintaining a high level of energy efficiency guaranteed for the entire life of the plant.

This article has been published by IEN on November 2020. You can read it here [Italian only].

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