Emerson Vortex Quad on saturated steam generator: the case presented at Emerson Global User Exchange

02 Apr 2018

At the beginning of the month we participated at the Emerson Global User Exchange, the annual conference held, this year, in Hague (Netherlands), where we presented our positive experience with the Emerson Vortex Quad, a device which we mounted on our saturated steam generators, in order to improve the reliability and accuracy of the measurement of the boiler feed gas, a byproduct of the refining process.

Here we had presented the case of the application of the Vortex Quad in a utility boiler package, to supply a refinery in Middle East Area, that will be installed within a classified area under SIS scope (Stafety Instrumented System).

The package is composed by 2 saturated steam generators working at the very variable operative conditions, from 8,5 to 85 t/h with a 1:11 boiler rangeability and a peak load 93,5 t/h.

The fuel gases that feed the boilers are 3 types of process gases, different by density and composition. Moreover  the gases are characterized by huge flow gas variation.

The Customer’s requirements concerning the metering unit are very challenging: all the flanged instruments should be with capillaries and they have to face the huge gas flow variability, assuring always a high level of reliability, with a 1% accuracy of rate.

Since the space is very narrow, a space saving solution is preferable.

A costumer specific request double the number of transmitters: for flow rates up to 10:1, 2 transmitters may be used. The first ranges to 35% of range and the second to 100%

To meet the costumer’s needs, a traditional solution includes one primary element, the V – CONE, installed on the inlet gas tube, and 4 elements depending on it (4 differential pressure transmitters with 5 ways manifold). To reach the level of accuracy requested on the full range, 8 instruments are needed instead of 4.

One transmitter, out of eight, for V-CONE SOLUTION
Emerson Vortex Quad

Cannon Bono Energia opted instead for a space saving: the VORTEX device  is composed by 4 indipendent transmitters, 4 indipendent sensors, Indipendent shedder bars and it reaches a 1% accuracy rate; a very compact solution, installed in line. It fully comply with the boiler design specifications and to customer needs.

VORTEX VS CONE plus 8 transmitters

reliabilityaccurancycostinstallation timeconnection and boltsspace occupied

In the following images you can see the Vortex skid mounted in our premises in Italy!