22 Mar 2018

Zohr, the record field, was the main theme of this year’s edition of EGYPS 2018: discovered in 2015 and started production in just two and a half years, has launched new and important projects realized thank to the cooperation of foreign countries, especially of Italy.

Thanks to the potential and the considerable results obtained in recent years, Egypt has drawn the attention of the oil & gas market, a strong expansion sector which is seeing the implementation of several projects. A clear example is Zohr, the biggest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea: discovered in 2015 in the Shorouk block, offshore in Egypt, the field, which a potential of 850 billions of cubic meters of gas, started production in a record time of two and a half year.

This was the main theme of EGYPS 2018 (Egypt Petroleum Show), the second edition of the oil & gas fair hosted in Cairo from 12 to 14th of February 2018, which we have attended : usual place for meeting and exchange information with partners and potential customers, the Egyptian exhibition has allowed us to get close to the projects currently animating the field and to Its future developments. Zohr, in fact, widely helping to meet the Egyptian demand of natural gas for the next few decades, will allow Egypt to export hydrocarbons to other countries, decisively contributing to its energy stability, as well as that of the entire Mediterranean.

The field discovery has been a benefit for the Egyptian economy: in a period of strong contraction of sector and foreign investments, Zohr played a pioneering role for the promotion and the launch of other important projects, realized also and above all thanks to financing from abroad, and, in particular, from Italy.

For this reason, attending EGYPS was important for us: to strengthen our presence in the country, but also to deepen the logic of the local oil & gas market, in view of the experience previously gained, in particular in boilers design and realization based on costumers specific requests. In this context we are able to supply superheated water boilers with high energy efficiency, steam generators and multitubolar diathermic oil heaters, which meet the increasingly demand of high temperatures (up to 400°C) and thermal stability.