Earth Day: April 22, 2018

20 Apr 2018

April 22 will be the World Earth Day, the planet largest environmental event, a moment of reflection on our role in the Earth protection.

All people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, geographical origin or income, have the right to a healthy, balanced and sustainable environment” – Gaylord Nelson, 1970

On 22 April 1970, inspired by this principle, the first World Earth Day was born, an event that involves every year up to a billion people in 192 countries of the world, an opportunity to celebrate our planet e promote its protection.

Originally born to underline the need for preserve natural resources, the event has over time assumed a broader informative and educational purpose, becoming an opportunity to assess the impact of water, air and soil pollution, of ecosystems destruction, of plants and animals disappearance on our lives. For these reasons, a revaluation of individual responsibilities in preserving our planet is necessary, in order to eliminate the negative effects of human activity.

The Earth Day gave a fundamental push to initiatives around the world and helped pave the way for the 1992 United Nations Summit in Rio de Janeiro, during which the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was drafted: an environmental treaty, also known as the Rio Accords, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that causes the homonymous effect and the air pollution.

This last one, constantly increasing, worries lot of Countries, which had to batten down the hatches by issuing a series of rules to limit the emissions of highly polluting agents in the air, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO).

Cannon Bono Energia, always been involved in the research and development of innovative combustion systems with a low environmental impact, has developed innovative combustion systems that highly perform in terms of emissions: the Low NOx burners, with NOx emissions which reach values ​​below 60mg / Nm3, and CO values ​​close to zero, are able to meet the limits imposed by the low, which in recent years have become and will become increasingly restrictive.

To better control the quantity of pollutants released into the air, Cannon Bono Energia, in collaboration with Cannon Automata, has developed a monitoring and analysis system for emissions that can detect, record and mediate emission values ​​over time.

Thanks to the Cannon Bono Energia burners and to the emission measurement systems, it is therefore possible to comply with the legal limits on pollution reduction and safeguard the environment.