14 Apr 2021

How can you improve the efficiency of the energy resources of your production cycle?

One of the main drivers consists in the installation of a cogeneration system in which a boiler has the task of recovering and enhancing the thermal energy contained in the exhausted fumes generated by the main engine. This type of application is called High Efficiency Cogeneration.

The High Efficiency Cogeneration, in accordance with the directive 2004/8/EC of the European Parliament, is defined as the production of electrical (or mechanical) energy combined with the production of heat.

The cogeneration solution allows to save up to 30% of primary energy compared to the separate production of electrical (or mechanical) and thermal energy for the production process. In accordance with the directive, cogeneration plants have the possibility of accessing the incentive scheme relating to Energy Efficiency Certificates.

The cogeneration plant therefore, thanks to the saving of primary energy, allows to reduce global CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by reducing the environmental impact of the production process.

Cannon Bono Energia Heat Recovery Boiler

Cannon Bono Energia heat recovery boilers

Cannon Bono Energia heat recovery boilers are the technological solution to maximize the recovery of heat from internal combustion engines or turbogas. In fact, the heat of the hot fumes is recovered to generate further heat in form of steam, superheated water or diathermic oil, thus maximizing energy recovery.

The advantages?

  • maximum energy efficiency
  • reduction of energy costs
  • reduction of consumption in production processes

Like all Cannon Bono Energia generators, also our heat recovery boilers are designed and built on specific customer requests, to ensure maximum reliability and flexibility, and to achieve the highest level of efficiency, making the most of energy resources (electrical and thermal energy) and maximizing the thermal energy recovery of a cogeneration plant.

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