15 Feb 2019

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Diathermic oil heaters are the ideal solution for those processes which require thermal stability and high temperatures.

Since its foundation, Cannon Bono Energia has designed and produced two different types of oil heaters: the coil ones (OMV), of relatively small dimensions and with an operating temperature able to reach 350° C, and the large multi-tubular ones, which produce heat up to 400 ° C for heavy loads.

The high level of customization and the high thermal efficiency of these boilers make them suitable for use in various sectors: from food, to textiles, to chemicals and petrochemicals, to power, to district heating, even in wood processing.

Caldaie a olio diatermico installate Cannon Bono Energia

In China, for example, the company began a partnership with Amperex Technology LTD (ATL), a leading international company in the production of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (LIPO), to which it has supplied several OMP-type diathermic oil heaters of 5MW and of 8 MW (if you want to know more click the following link).

The CIS market is particularly appreciating the Bono Energia Cannon oil heaters: here, in recent years, the company has in fact developed several projects.

In 2013, for example, the company supplied 56 OMV-type diathermic oil boilers for the Siberian oil pipeline pumping stations.

Caldaie a Olio in Siberia Cannon Bono Energia

TecnoNICOL, the Russian international group which produces building materials, after purchasing two OMV boilers between 2016 and 2018, has renewed its confidence in Cannon Bono Energia purchasing a third diathermic oil heater for an Italian subsidiary. In these cases the high temperatures generated are used to heat the bitumen tanks.

Currently, Cannon Bono Energia has several projects open in Russia, such as those with Lukoil (Lubricants Central Asia) to which it has supplied two OMV heaters of 3000 Mcal / hour for the production of engine oil, and with Servolux, which employs two other heaters, slightly smaller, for food production.

But also projects with several other companies in the chemical and plastics, oil & gas and wood processing industries.

In addition to the traditional reliability of Cannon Bono Energia’s diathermic oil heaters, the Russian market greatly appreciates the stable presence of the Cannon Eurasia branch, which locally follows customers from the pre-planning phase to the boiler start-up , and during the whole period of exercise with the technical assistance and the realization of maintenance plans.