05 Apr 2019

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An international sales meeting of four days to analyse Cannon Bono Energia presence on the market and identify areas of improvement

4 days. 43 people involved. 17 different countries. These are the numbers of the last Cannon Bono Energia Sales meeting, which took place from 25 to 28 of March.

All company sales people met with the international branch and trading partner colleagues in order to sharing ideas, exchange important information related to local markets and experiences about the relationship with customers and non-customers.

The international meeting is also an occasion to discuss about Cannon Bono Energia strategy, products, innovations and trends: through the presentations of the Business Operation Manager, Leonardo Volpato, and of the managers of the main activities (engineering, sales and product, after sales and revamping…), the participants could learn useful information about relevant ongoing projects, challenging markets and the ways to approach them.

An important time frame has been given to the analysis of the relationship between the headquarters and the local units and trading partners: a particular emphasis has been given to the importance of exchanging, in a very short time, all the details related to customers and its specific needs.

In addition, during this four-days-meeting, the participants had the opportunity to visit also the Cannon Bono Energia manufacturing centre in Netro (Biella – Italy), where fire tube boilers and thermal oil heaters of small sizes are produced, and the adjacent Officine Rubino Iron Working Documentation Center: suggestive example of Italian industrial archaeology where it is possible to discover equipment of metal working coming from the beginning of the last century.