A branch that is 100% owned by the Cannon Group, Cannon France enjoys an unparalleled position: it is the only branch in France, within the French-speaking context, with highly specialised and trained staff, which provides support throughout the territory.

Cannon France, based in Palaiseau, a city located south of Paris, in partnership with Cannon Bono Energia’s headquarter in Italy, has been awarded and has subsequently managed several projects in France and north Africa for the past decade.

Especially in the last few years, the chemical and food sectors have found in Cannon France an attentive and skilled partner, able to supply cutting-edge technological solutions and satisfy customers production process requests.

In the chemical sector, for example, an important proposal was accepted for a turnkey package within an industrial plant.

Cannon France and Cannon Bono Energia have decided to accept the challenge and have dismantled the old installation and handled the construction of the new plant. Thanks to their engineering team, the Company not only handled the boiler and its ancillaries, but also an auxiliary circuit compising two heat exchangers and their interconnecting piping and instrumentation encompassing a total of four floors of the plant.

The cooperation between the two Group companies over the years has strengthened their cooperation, guaranteeing optimal result and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the expert technical competence, and in synergy with Cannon Bono Energia, Cannon France is able to guarantee reliability, primary energy savings and a significant emissions reduction.

One of the most successful solution proposed to Cannon’s customers is the He Smart technology.

Designed to reduce consumption at all boiler’s  operational levels, through a flexible and intelligent management of a complex thermal recovery and electromechanical system, it guarantees high levels of energy efficiency at any load, reducing considerably the overall plant running cost.

The steam generators in the He Smart configuration are the best example of highly technological solutions that allows Cannon Bono Energia to have the right credentials and be completely in line with the regulations foreseen by Industry 4.0.

The OptiSpark automation system, designed and manufactured by Cannon Automata, a sister company of Cannon Bono Energia, is at the core of He Smart management, including a wide array of control systems for the optimal adjustment of additional inverters and heat exchangers.

Another fundamental value of the Cannon Group is the ability of guiding their customers throughout the entire process, from the design phase to system start-up. Cannon France, in fact, with its headquarters in the heart of France, guarantees constant support and specialized assistance throughout the French territory, a French-speaking service that has allowed the Cannon Group to achieve excellent results in the last year, as many customers have decided place their trust in Cannon Bono Energia.

Cannon France and Cannon Bono Energia, are waiting for you at Pollutec, from the 27th to the 30th of November 2018 at Hall 4 Booth N 160, for the international exhibition of equipment, technologies and services related to the environment.