27 Mar 2020

Do you need support on your Cannon Bono Energia steam generator? Or do you need to put it out of service for a while?

Here following are some tips for you.

Support for your steam boiler operation

If you need support for your steam generator, write us an email at cbecustomerservice@cannon.com, or contact us through the contacts page.

Don’t miss also the opportunity to discover OptiSupport, the remote assistance service for help you carrying out maintenance on your Cannon Bono Energia boiler.

Cannon Bono Energia After Sales

Boiler out of service for 1 week

Read the procedure to put your Cannon Bono Energia steam generator out of service for about 1 week (not valid for UM model).

Operate as follows:

  1. Bring down boiler pressure (open boiler vent valve) and let it cool down.
  2. Close boiler steam root valve
  3. Fill up boiler with boiler water up to boiler vent valve. Boiler feed water must be treated water with extra amount of oxygen scavenger.
  4. Close boiler inlet/outlet valves such as boiler blow down valve, continuous blow down, feed water supply valve, fuel manual shut off valves.
  5. Make sure that boiler vent valve will be open at all time.
  6. Turn off power supply to main control cabinet.
  7. Take good note about each valve position by reporting it on boiler room record.

This procedure preserves the generator for inactivity time and, at the same time, allows you to quickly put it back into operation.

Boiler out of service for more than a week

If the out of service period is more than a week, the generator must be put into permanent conservation: in this case, it is necessary to evaluate whether to put it in wet or dry storage (for more information, read the operating manual)

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us