18 Sep 2018

An effective assistance service greatly contributes to customer satisfaction: for this reason, Cannon Bono Energia is improving its after-sales services offer.

A correct, specific and periodic maintenance allows the steam generator to:

  • Extend the boiler useful life;
  • Reduce consumption and maintain high efficiency levels;
  • Reduce faults and system stops.
I servizi di Cannon Bono Energia per i propri clienti

For this reason, offers include a system of annual or long-term subscriptions of scheduled maintenance activities: planning maintenance operations in advance, maybe during the normal periods of production suspension, allows the customer to avoid burdensome plant downtime.

To support the costumer in this phase, the company offers a complete range of after-sales services:

  • Telephone assistance: a team of technicians is available to all customers who need them. An entire office exclusively dedicated to this type of assistance, available at a single number, seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day.
  • Service centers: the company network of authorized and certified service centers, thanks to a constant training program and continuous updating, can offer quick and effective after-sales support.
  • Remote diagnostics and intervention: Cannon Bono Energia boilers, thanks to the Optispark system, are connected to the remote assistance service, which constantly monitors the boiler status and efficiency, in order to quickly diagnose any anomalies. The system allows to remotely operate on specific operating parameters, in complete safety.

It is precisely on remote diagnostics that the company is working to reach the most significant results: the challenge is to elevate the planned maintenance concept to a higher level, based on predictability.

Thanks to continuous monitoring, knowing the component status and performance can prevent sudden downtime and allow to schedule maintenance interventions, ensuring a high and constant performance of the boiler.

For further information about Cannon Bono Energia assistance services, please write to assistenza@cannon.com