04 Dec 2020
Cannon Bono Energia solution for car batteries

Lithium batteries, also known as lithium-ion accumulators, are rechargeable batteries commonly used in consumer electronics products, in the automotive sector, but also in the industrial, military and aerospace sectors.

Manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes, lithium batteries are preferred to equivalent batteries manufactured with other chemical components for their lightness and practicality, for the absence of heavy metals highly harmful to the environment, and for their life time, on average longer.

A Chinese company, world leader in the production of lithium batteries and known for the high quality of its products and for its strong innovative spirit, has in recent years revolutionized one of the most important processes in its production: that relating to the coating of batteries. LiPo (Lithium-Ion polymer). In this process, it has in fact replaced the electricity generally used with a high temperature thermal fluid.

Cannon Bono Energia thermal oil heaters for car batteries

The company’s choice: Cannon Bono Energia thermal oil heaters

This change in the process meant for the company the need to have dedicated boilers. This is why it turned to Cannon Bono Energia with which it began, starting from 2015, a collaboration that still exists, and which led to the purchase of about 20 thermal oil heaters (OMP5000 series) over the course of these five years.

The OMP thermal oil heaters are horizontal multitubular boilers with a compact design and very high performance. Specifically developed on customers’s process needs, OMP boilers are supplied as complete units, ready to be connected to the existing plant. Their large combustion chamber makes them highly efficient and reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere (we already talked about it here).

Used by the Chinese company to heat and keep the separator film inside the lithium batteries in the liquid state, the horizontal multitubular thermal oil heaters are the winning choice for this type of application and allow the company to increase the efficiency of its production.

Thanks to the new process methodology and to the use of Cannon Bono Energia boilers, the customer can save up to 30% of electricity per year.

Do you want to know more about Cannon Bono Energia thermal oil heaters? Visit the dedicated page or fill in the form below for more info.





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