15 May 2020

OptiCloud is the advanced system developed by Cannon Bono Energia to maximize control over the steam generator and improve the planning of maintenance activities

In order to best and safely manage a thermal plant, keeping all process parameters under control is fundamental. Advanced monitoring, however, allows to do much more: it helps improve energy efficiency and minimize waste, while reducing the possibility of human error.

How? By collecting a series of data on the boiler that depicts its “state of health”, for example: how it is running, in which conditions its components are and how they are working, but also recommending some actions to be taken to improve the steam generator performance.

OptiCloud, the advanced control system developed by Cannon Bono Energia, does just this: it allows to monitor the status of the boiler at any time and from any remote location, to examine its operating parameters and performance in real time, to view the alarm history, to perform an analysis of historical data, to check the hours of activity of the components and to plan maintenance interventions. All at most in three clicks.

But let’s see OptiCloud functionalities in details:

Real time monitoring of boiler operating parameters

All authorized people can see at any time, wherever they are, with their tablet or smartphone, how the boiler is performing in real time, monitoring all the main operating parameters, physical and derived: efficiency level, pressure and load of the burner….

Into the platform it is also possible to view all boiler’s alarms, while an e-mail notification system will warn authorized persons of these alarms, in real time.

And when does the customer have more than one boiler to control? No problem: OptiCloud collects the data relating to all the customer’s steam generators in a single interface, so as to have at a glance the progress of all the boilers, even if installed in different places.

Data analysis

All data are collected and processed on a secure AWS Cloud and remains available for six months. After logging in with an ID and password, customers can consult data and analyse the functioning of the boiler, through graphs specially developed by our software. The data can then be easily downloaded in exel format.

A particularly useful function for those who deal with maintenance and for trouble shooting when a problem arises. In addition, allowing Cannon Bono Energia access to the boiler data, customers can receive a timely diagnosis of a possible problem or malfunction, or a periodic reporting.

Preventive maintenance

Scheduling maintenance has never been so easy: OptiCloud reports the remaining time before the mandatory replacement of a component or a scheduled maintenance activity. The boiler itself, therefore, warns when the period for carrying out maintenance is approaching or has expired. In this way, it is possible to prevent sudden machine downtimes and to organize interventions on the steam generator in the already established period of production suspension.

Performance analysis

How do I know if my steam generator is working properly? The boiler itself tells me. The Artificial Intelligence applied to the Cannon Bono Energia steam generators carries out a sort of critical analysis of the boiler’s performance and of all its main parameters, comparing them with the historical analysis of the same on the basis of pre-established criteria. OptiCloud then processes the results of this critical analysis, reporting in real time if the boiler is operating optimally and suggesting corrective measures to bring the generator’s performance back to optimum.

And how are the data protected?

To the inherent security of the AWS Cloud, Cannon Bono Energia has combined a rigorous internal management of customer privacy. In addition, there are four different hierarchical levels of access to the platform. Therefore, customers can freely choose how to manage the data and to which people (or internal functions) allow access to the system.

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