26 Nov 2020

Does your production process require very high temperatures (up to 400°C), up to 40 MW of power and thermal stability? Whether your company works in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, metallurgical, or even lithium battery manufacturing industries, a horizontal multitubolar thermal oil heater is the best choice.


There are 3 reasons that make this boiler the most suitable option for this type of process:

Better circulation of thermal oil and better stability

The tube bundle has been specially designed to improve thermal oil circulation. The number of pipes, greater than in serpentine boilers, their shape and size is conceived and manufactured ad hoc, considering the type of customer’s thermal oil and productive process. This allows a more homogeneous distribution of the oil inside the boiler, increasing at the same time the thermal stability of the boiler.

Furthermore, better circulation of thermal oil allows also a better preservation of the fluid, which lasts longer and guarantees a continuity of boiler performance, improving its reliability.

Cannon Bono Energia thermal oil heater

Improved efficiency

Horizontal multitubular thermal oil heater has a larger combustion chamber than standard coil boilers. This configuration, by increasing the heat exchange surface, improves the quality of combustion and the distribution of the thermal load, reducing harmful emissions. In addition, thanks to the integrated air preheater, the boiler is up to 3-4% more efficient when compared with a coil boiler of the same potential.

Multitubular thermal oil heaters also be equipped with Cannon Bono Energia burners, developed internally to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions.

Compact size

Compared to a common coil boiler for heavy loads, horizontal multitubular thermal oil boiler has a much smaller footprint, which does not exceed 4 m.

Its compact design facilitates installation, maintenance and cleaning activities, and reduces construction costs for elevated structures for boiler inspection. Any maintenance work on the boiler can be done by working directly inside the boiler itself, accessible through special inspection doors.

Furthermore, on specific customer requests, these boilers can be highly customized.

Do you want to know more about Cannon Bono Energia diathermic oil boilers? Visit the dedicated page or fill in the form below for more info.





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