12 Jul 2018

In order to offer a better product, for safety and reliability, Cannon Bono Energia created an internal dedicated test area for all the steam generators produced.

How useful can be purchasing an already tested industrial boiler for a company?

A lot, above all if we think that on a productive plant, important interventions, such as the installation of an industrial boiler, often corresponds to a 10 working days downtime of the workshop with the consequent interruption of production.

In order to offer customers a better service, Cannon Bono Energia has set up a test area in its workshop to check all steam generator models, validate the internally designed heat recovery systems, and implement automation and integration systems required by Industry 4.0 specifications.

This means, for costumer:

  1.       Increased safety: the steam generator proper operation test, performed in our workshop, allows a quick intervention and a rapid resolution in case of anomaly. The customer will be sure of having received a safe and fully functional product.
  2.        Significant reduction of commissioning times: thanks to the testing, the machine works at full capacity just two or three days after delivery. This allows the customer not to stop his production for a long time.
  3.        Obtaining the PED certification: the PED certification, Pressure Equipment Directive, mandatory for all steam generators, is released directly in our premises during the test by the inspector in charge.

This testing area is also dedicated to the research and development of high efficiency and low emissions combustion systems; this will improve in the next future Cannon Bono Energia steam generators’ performance.