Cannon Bono Energia aims to be leading player of the energy digitalization process.
For this reason, Cannon Bono Energia offers OptiFactory, a complete system designed to improve customers’ production lines in accordance with the 4.0 Industry philosophy.

With the cooperation of Cannon Automata, the automation leading company, part of Cannon Group, it is possible to develop the 4.0 Industry principles according to any customer’s needs. The synergy between efficiency and automation allows recording the entire production process: from design phase to plant operation.

Cannon Bono Energia’s boilers are born  Industry 4.0 ready.

Extremely innovative and equipped with Cannon Automata automation systems (Optispark control system) the boilers are designed to adjust their selves to different production processes and various industries through a complete range of advanced techologies (OptiCloudOptiSupport, etc.), which allow the boiler to communicate with the whole production plant.

The innovative goal is the connection between the boilers and the production process itself, in order to complete the 4.0 transition leading to a “Smart-Factory”. Above features require the skills, the experience and the know how provided by the Cannon Group companies.


  • PLANT EFFICENCY IMPROVEMENT: the synergy between the boilers and the whole plant allows maximizing the efficiency of the complete plant, beyond the philosophy of efficiency of a single component of the system.
  • ENERGY AND FUEL SAVING, LOWER ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT: the process optimization along with the dynamic and preventive optimization of the plant parameters leads to a reduction of the utility consumption (energy, fuel, water and compressed air).
  • PLANT AVERAGE LIFE INCREASE: the improvement of operating conditions of the plant equipment, through a dynamic and preventive management of the working parameters, decreases the number of plant failures (rapid variation of process parameters, not adequate response of a plant equipment due to the lack of quick communication between the plant equipment, etc.) and it increases the average life of the plant.