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Controls & Connectivity

Our innovative engineering solutions and automation systems ensure the highest performance of the boilers, preventing maintenance, simulating more efficient control schemes, and increasing efficiency based on predictive load. With us, you will achieve your energy efficiency and cost-saving goals, and your Industry 4.0 transition to a “Smart Factory”.


Boiler control system

Integration of the control and burner management systems (BCS and BMS)

Boiler safety and efficiency during start-up, standby, and rapid load changes

Intuitive and user-friendly operator interface (HMI)

Load sharing in multiple boiler systems

Simultaneous regulation of the supply of several fuel types

Internet and LAN communications for remote control and monitoring


Boiler predictive control system

Maximum system energy efficiency. Smoother, more accurate boiler control and decreased variability in mean and tracking errors.

Longer life of movable components. Movements of control components are reduced as much as 24 times.

Reduction in human error. The system avoids tuning and manual boiler management.

Developed by Cannon Bono Energia and Politecnico di Milano, based on a mathematical model that simulates future boiler conditions to set the boiler according to the parameter to be optimized

Suitable for HE Smart boilers only


Remote data collection for boiler monitoring

Data collection and secure cloud storage

Safe access through a dedicated username and password

Loading data in Excel format

Process parameter display

Preventive maintenance indicator

Cloud data analysis with artificial intelligence for performance reports and predictive maintenance

Alarm logging and mail service for real-time reporting of the main parameters of the boiler


Remote assistance with augmented reality

Real-time connection with our experts

Interactive augmented reality connectivity via Android or iOS app

Chat with simultaneous translation

Transfer of documents in real-time

Picture and video acquisition by our engineers

Direct PLC access for remote loop configuration

Reduced maintenance costs, reducing on-site visits


Customized system to improve synergy between boilers and the production process

Dynamic set-point of operating parameters based on process requests

Energy intelligence: measurement, analysis, and optimization of energy flows

Industry 4.0: integrations and interconnections between the boiler and other process machines optimize the work of the whole plant

The advantages of the OptiFactory result in global efficiency of the entire process, not just the boiler