Cannon energia del futuro

The future of energy

The energy transition towards a zero-emission future is underway. Which are the dominant strategies and those of the near future to achieve the goal of decarbonisation?

Cannon CT boiler

Cannon Bono Energia on IEN – December 2019

Olon S.p.a, a world-leading pharmaceutical company in the production of pharmaceutical active substances, has chosen the reliability and the efficiency of Cannon Bono Energia for the new plant in Settimo Torinese (Turin)

Artificial Intelligence for Steam

Applying AI to industrial boilers allows to increase efficiency, improve self-diagnosis, to achieve the predictive control of the steam generator and its complete integration within the production process

Cannon Bono Energia Revamping

Revamping Boosts Performances

Revamping improves the efficiency of boilers, making them safer and more up to date in terms of the most recent standards in air pollution and safety

HE Smart: intelligent efficiency guaranteed

In order to understand the potential of the innovative HE Smart steam generator with heat recovery system, we have compared the HE Smart performance with the highest performing conventional solution available on the market, fully meeting the new standards in terms of emission limits (NOx < 80 mg/m3).