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Tintoria Jacchetti

Tintoria Jacchetti is a historic Italian company that transforms yarn into high-quality silk fabrics. Since 2007 it has been on a path of sustainable growth.

The challenge

With a view on sustainability, the company wanted to make their entire production system more efficient, obtaining the right amount of steam required for the different stages of the production process.

Solution advantages

We supplied a high-efficiency steam generator with patented self-adaptive heat recovery, to guarantee efficiency higher than 97% in all load conditions. The boiler is equipped with an automation system that allows for:

  • Optimally managing workloads and safety
  • Interconnecting the steam generator with the company’s management and control systems
  • Controlling the boiler remotely
  • Checking the wear status of the machine’s components and managing their maintenance

After 3 years of operation, the results are:

  • Average energy efficiency 97.5% at 105°C feedwater temperature
  • NOx emissions < 70 mg/Nm3 at each load

Technical data

SM 500 fire tube steam generator

Key features & Configuration

  • HE Smart
  • Steam production: 5 t/h
  • Pressure: 12 barg
  • Fuel: CH4
  • Unattended operation: up to 72 h

Controls & Connectivity